Wilson’s Testimonials

Amanda & Casey O’Neill

“Wilson, Dianne and team were great to work with on our home purchase. Every step of the process was clearly explained. Wilson and Dianne helped to keep the closing on-time and were integral in moving the other parties along. Their guidance was invaluable and we greatly valued their feedback. This is our second house purchase with the Banyan Real Estate team and we would recommend them to anyone.”

Emily Lampe

“I am writing this letter of recommendation due to the exceptional experience I had with Banyan Real Estate. I have worked with my realtor, Wilson Leonard, since 2013, and he has helped me through 2 home purchases and 1 home sale in this intense Denver market.

Wilson took the time to get to know my values, my financial background, my family and personality, and my future goals. He used all of this knowledge to help guide me towards finding the right home to invest in both financially and emotionally. I was given information on the historical value and future potential of each home I viewed. I was kept abreast on new opportunities that arouse in the market on a near daily basis, but I never felt rushed or pressured to make purchase. When the time came to make an offer on a home, I had no anxieties or reservations.

I had a similar experience with the sale of my home. Again, my values and goals were used in conjunction with both local and national market variables to help come to a decision on timing, pricing, and negotiations in the sale of my home.

Lastly, during the long and stressful process of closing from both a buyer and sellers perspective, I felt supported and empowered from the knowledge I received. People at Banyan Real Estate worked closely with outside lenders, realtors, inspectors and appraisers to make the entire process transparent and prepare me for any glitches or delays that had the potential to arise. Contracts and negotiations were interpreted to me in laymen’s terms, so I always knew what I was signing and where money was being exchanged. On the day of closing for each my transactions, I felt confident that I was getting the best deal under the circumstances.

In short, Banyan Real Estate has been a great partner in my home buying and selling experience. I know they are committed to making each transaction a lucrative investment towards their client’s personal and financial future.”

Marco, Jac, and Jo

“We had recently had our first child and were looking to purchase our first house. On top of that we were looking to buy in Denver while out of state. Short on sleep, familiarity with the home buying process, and the Denver housing market dynamics, our first step was to find the perfect real estate agent. We were shopping around for the right realtor when we met Wilson Leonard. His encyclopedic knowledge of the Denver market, comfort with explaining residential mortgage finance, and excellence in all media of communication let us know Wilson was right for us.

We spent our first day together exploring the Denver market. Wilson was able to show us more than homes in our price range – he was able to share the history of Denver’s development and of different neighborhoods. He outlined the macroeconomic processes that shaped the city, and the microeconomic decisions that drove home construction. An owner of several properties himself, Wilson also outlined questions at the front of his mind when he’s making a property investment – and assisted us in our own data gathering.

We valued Wilson’s expertise with out-of-state buyers. His rental properties set us free from worrying about finding the right home before we moved. We could always rent a property while we continued our search (not worrying about being locked into a lease). Additionally, while we were time-zones apart, his master communication skills via text, email, and phone coupled with his tireless work ethic put us in constant contact. When we saw a home we were interested in, he would take us on a video tour of the property and send us comparable home listings.

When closing on our home, Wilson’s skills continued to shine. He masterfully coordinated home inspectors to ensure an efficient review of the property. He could recommend a number of contractors for home improvements we wished to make (his own familiarity with remodels also gave us a ballpark price range for upgrades we wanted to make). He and his team at Banyan carefully managed the timeline and regularly updated us on progress. We never felt lost, uninformed, or alone with Banyan in our corner.”

Linda Dillon

“My family has just had the most wonderful experience working with Wilson Leonard as we purchased a home.  I started looking this last June and found I had to deal with a very frantic and stressful market in Denver.  Houses went on the market and were sold in hours.  There was no time to contemplate such a huge purchase as generally by the end of the day there could be six or more offers already in on the property. I was not sure what kind of place would work for me and Wilson steered me in the right direction on a personal level.  He was there for me when we viewed home after home and gradually I learned what was on the market, and what  needed out of the search.  I found the perfect home finally and Wilson took my family through every bit of paperwork and research that needed to be done. He was in the house with me during the entire inspection and when a problem arose, he led us in the right direction towards resolving every issue.  We signed on the house yesterday with complete satisfaction. Wilson Leonard and everyone at Banyan were top notch professionals and treated us with with respect and understanding as we went through this emotional, and stressful search.  I cannot recommend this company enough.”

Rick Cosmen

“I would recommend Banyan Real Estate to anyone relocating to Denver looking to purchase a home. We knew that the Denver market was hot when moving here from Chicago, but had no idea the extent of it until we actually were in it. Wilson Leonard, our agent with Banyan, was positive and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and we ended up finding a great home with everything we were looking for very quickly. I have no doubt it was because of Wilson’s dedication and the service provided to us throughout by Banyan. It was easy to get discouraged early on during the home search but when you are working with true professionals who really know the Denver real estate market, you are in good hands and have a competitive advantage against other buyers in a true sellers market. Don’t even question your decision and work with Banyan.”

Dan and Alise Strawn

“My wife and I recently purchased a home in the Congress Park neighborhood with Wilson as our agent, and we could not be happier with him as our agent. This was the third property that Wilson has helped us with, and each time he has exceeded expectations in finding the right place for us. He has been there with us as first time home buyers to our current growing family, and he has helped find the perfect home for us each time. There is a reason that we continue to work with Wilson, and they all come back to his overwhelming expertise in the field. The Denver market has been a highly evolving housing market, and Wilson has been on top of all of the changes throughout the years. He has a straight forward and honest approach that leaves you assured that you are not just another sale. We highly recommend Wilson and the Banyan team to all those we know.”

Dahna Clarke

“I would gladly recommend your company to anyone who asked. My Broker was Wilson Leonard, and I couldn’t have been any happier. Wilson is very well informed about the Denver Real Estate market, from knowing the pros and cons of different neighborhoods, to pricing, to comparing property features. His additional insights helped me to make a better decision. He was also helpful in answering the questions I had about financing. My situation was a little unusual and required some additional planning and he was able to help with every aspect.

Wilson is very personable and cheerful. No matter how many times I emailed or called him, he responded quickly and he never made me feel like a bother, no matter how busy he was. He thoroughly explains each step of the process in clear terms and with real world examples.

Most importantly, I always felt he had my best interest at heart. In the beginning we talked about the things I was trying to accomplish in making this move. He listened carefully and never forgot them. After months of looking, and not being able to find what I was looking for, Wilson was also able to “talk me down” when I got desperate and suggested we look at properties that didn’t meet my needs. In fact, many times he suggested that I might be better off staying in my current home, rather than choosing something that didn’t meet my goals and wasn’t as smart an investment as where I was currently living. How many salesmen are willing to make a suggestion that results in “0” commission?

At the end of the process, when there were lots of details to think about, the regular e-mails I received from Dianne Johnson, Closing Manager, were a great back-up to the information Wilson provided, and made the final steps a clear, manageable process.

Lastly, I felt like Wilson went above and beyond researching important details about the contract, property and city where I purchased my home to uncover the information necessary to make the most informed decision and to avoid any adverse outcomes down the road.

Thanks again for a great experience!”

Heather Hava & Chad Mehlenbeck

“We received top notch customer service, constant and clear communication, technology savvy transactions, and the team is friendly & fun to work with! Wilson knows how to negotiate all of the complex and treacherous terrain of real estate transactions these days and has an excellent support staff to back him up!!! I’ve never been more impressed with a company & agent as I was with Banyan Real Estate & Wilson Leonard. This is the only way to buy real estate, bar none!!!! “