At Banyan, we understand that listing and selling homes is a blend of emotion and keen decision making.  We list and sell our listings by mastering the application of emotion in listing homes is critical to maximizing your investment.  Selling your home takes a combination of analytical prowess, strategic positioning, market knowledge, an onslaught of marketing and experience to drive the transaction all the way to the finish line.  At Banyan we have all aspects of this complex puzzle perfected.

Expect a detailed market analysis along with strategic pricing discussions.  Expect a detailed marketing plan.  Expect a advisor who can manage not only the sales process at the highest level, but a profession who can guide all parties in the transaction to the closing table.

Here are the things that set us apart on when listing your property:

  1.  In-depth market analysis and discussion.  We don’t just show up and ask you what you want to list your home for.  Each associate meets with you, walks the home, makes suggestions of items to prepare your home for sale and often recommends a meeting with one of our professional designers and stagers.  Once the preparations of the home are agreed upon we analyze what the home might sell for give the preprations that will be accomplished.   This could be as minor as decluttering to as complicated as literally renovating or updating certain aspects of the home.  We have a tendency to view all property as an investment and we want to maximize your investment within the confines of what is comfortable for you to achieve.
  2. If the property is going to be modified, or staged then our associate will help coordinate the timing of these improvements within the listing process.
  3.  We provide the highest quality photography and virtual tours available.  We don’t just pull out our cell phone and start shooting.   We hire the best photographers in the business, using HDR technology that literally takes 5 different photos with different apurature readings blended for every magnificent shot.  Your home will never look better.
  4. We have developed an intricate marketing plan that boasts your exposure to the market immediately and gets those hungry buyers wanting to look immediately at your home.   This consists of:
    1. Stunning display of web presence at the get go.   Multi-list coverage on largest MLS database in Colorado.
    2. Syndication of web coverage to hundreds of web outlets, including,,
    3. Reverse prospecting to brokers that have known potential buyers that match your homes parameters.
    4. Email blasting to broker database and social media clientele.
    5. Property signage
    6. Full color brochures
    7. Of course there may be a whole host of other marketing that will be done while your home is on the market, from print advertising, to broker and public open houses.  Every property is unique and a hand crafted plan will be created for your needs.
    8. Based on our process our goal is to create an auction type of atmosphere, where there are multiple parties attracted to your home/asset.  This takes skill, experience and care to create.
    9. Once the bidding process begins we shift into high gear to help negotiate the most favorable terms of an often complex legal process.
    10. Our proprietary back bone technology and our highly experienced support staff will keep you up to speed on every aspect of the transaction as it moves forward.

Banyan has assembled an elite team.  Every single agent is a “high producer” within the Denver market. Only highly skilled, experienced brokers are hired at Banyan, this is why we are still a small firm.  Put our skills to work on what is possibly your biggest asset.

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