Why Banyan

At Banyan, we understand that listing and selling homes is a blend of emotion and keen decision making. We list and sell our listings by mastering the application of emotion in listing homes is critical to maximizing your investment. Selling your home takes a combination of analytical prowess, strategic positioning, market knowledge, an onslaught of marketing and experience to drive the transaction all the way to the finish line. At Banyan we have all aspects of this complex puzzle perfected.


The Perfect Team

Banyan Real Estate, LLC is a collaborative effort from three of Denver’s most successful managing brokers to bring the best elements of their real estate practices into one service model. Like a Banyan tree with multiple trunks supporting a vast canopy, Banyan brings highly committed, progressive, sophisticated and caring brokers together; combined with intelligent, cutting edge technology and one of the most experienced support staffs in Colorado; to deliver an excellent real estate experience.

Whether you are buying your first home or buying a complicated real estate investment we have the skills to help you achieve that goal. Our agents are top producers and they are backed by decades of knowledge, decades of experience and a backbone of impressive technology.

Uncompromised service

We want to be award-winning brokers and we are!  We’ve put in the work year after year or in many cases, decade after decade.  Your experience gets to draw on our experiences.

We can be your foundation

We know big purchases and life changes can sometimes bring on big emotions.  We stay calm.  We’ve been here before, we know the issues and have the experience to deal with them.

Get the best offer

We have a tendency to view all property as an investment and we want to maximize your investment within the confines of what is comfortable for you to achieve.

Experts of the market

We are fierce about our fiduciary duties to you.  We don’t know how to act any other way.

List With Us

Our vision is to diligently and effectively market their homes as if they were our own. We will always price, market and negotiate our listings, placing the client’s best interests above all others, including our own.

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