Kathleen’s Testimonials

Tom P

“Kathleen was amazing and she’s a great communicator! She brought the deal to me and followed thru on every turn. We had a couple times when things got a little rocky, and when that happened, she was on it! Very calm, persistent, and always watching out for my best interest. Thank you Kathleen!”

Geeta Verma, Professor at The University of Colorado

“I wanted to take a moment to share my experience working with Kathleen during my recent purchase. I successfully bought an investment property in a great neighborhood and I am really pleased with the final results. Kathleen was referred to me by a friend and she and I have been working for almost a year. The entire experience has been extremely positive and supportive. She showed me numerous properties that fit my criteria (and budget). Her advice was sound yet realistic. She herself encourage me to walk away from properties that did not meet my criteria or she thought wouldn’t be a good investment. How many realtors actually do that? She was very patient and attentive with me throughout the process and paid attention to my concerns and ideas.

Kathleen took time to genuinely get to know me as a person (and an investor). The Denver market is so competitive right now and Kathleen made sure that I was represented strongly in comparison to other buyers. She nudged me when I needed that but also listened patiently when I needed to brainstorm ideas with her. She negotiated very well with the buyer/s and made sure that my concerns and considerations were shared with them. During this year-long process, I recognize that Kathleen truly went the extra mile by representing me extremely well in a crowded field. She started out as being my real-estate agent but now has become a dear friend.

Kathleen is a thorough professional and kept my best interests in mind throughout the process. She is the best real estate agent I have ever had the good fortune to work with.”

Bryan & Julie Wilson

“Kathleen was such a wonderful agent to work with in a tough buyer’s market. We had a target budget and had target locations, which were in high demand neighborhoods. Kathleen did a wonderful job of staying on top of the market, notifying us of new listings quickly, and even scouting those listings and previewing them to see if they were worth our time. Kathleen took the time to listen to our “wish list” and helped us shift our focus to a neighborhood that we weren’t initially considering, but turned out to be perfect! We purchased an older home that will need some work, but has LOADS of character, which was exactly what we were looking for. Kathleen was also really helpful in securing subcontractors for our inspection, so we knew what issues needed to be addressed immediately in our house. Now, after living on our street for nearly a year, we couldn’t be happier. We absolutely love the neighborhood. What is even more surprising is the increase in property values. A home across the street, just three houses away, is closing for almost DOUBLE the price we paid for our home. During the entire process, Kathleen was responsive, informative and overall fun to work with and we would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent. Happy Buying!”

Brian Clark

“I would like to take a few moments to first and foremost applaud the team members at Banyan Real Estate that were involved in our recent acquisition of our new home in Broomfield. Your efforts provided an extremely smooth and enjoyable first home-buying experience for my wife Lindy and me. We could not have been happier with all parties involved, and are grateful to no end.

Secondly, I feel it necessary to briefly highlight our agent, Kathleen Staker. From the moment we met Kathleen at our first house tour in north Broomfield some months ago, Lindy and I knew that we were in great hands. Kathleen’s energy and passion for servicing our needs at any cost was only rivaled by her love for her profession, which was evident throughout the entire house hunting process. She was up-front and honest with us about all of the homes we toured; what we should be weary of, potential resale values, and everything in-between. What blew me away most about Kathleen was her willingness to not only drive the distances to house tours, but to do so at the drop of a hat. We never felt, at any point in the process, that we were just “another piece of business” – it was a personal relationship.

I can promise that Lindy and I will long be recommending Kathleen and the Banyan Real Estate team to all of our friends and family looking for new homes in the greater Denver area. Thank you for your time, and thank you for being the catalysts of our first family home!

Mindy and Greg S.

“My husband and I were selling our home in Cheesman Park, and we were looking for an agent who was knowledgable, reliable, and energetic. We could not have found a better agent in Kathleen Staker! Her attention to detail was so appreciated! She knew exactly how to handle the market and deal with negotiations. (She was even willing to meet with us on a Sunday evening to go over the offers in detail.) She found a buyer quickly and her professionalism shone throughout the process. I felt like she not only cared about us as clients, but took a personal interest in this monumental moment in our lives. Without a doubt, we would use Kathleen again in the future!”

Katherine and Yasser Dahab

“Katherine and I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how fortunate we feel to have worked with Kathleen during our recent home purchase. Kathleen has been working with us since late last summer, and showed us what seemed like a hundred homes over that period. Through the entire process, she was remarkably patient and extremely attentive to what we were looking for. She regularly rearranged her schedule to fit into ours, and never once seemed to place us any less than her top priority.

We met Kathleen through a mutual friend, but what impressed us most were not the impressions or recommendations that were shared with us about her, but that she took the time to genuinely get to know the two of us. Instead of simply gleaning what we wanted in a house, Kathleen went the extra mile and became not only our most trusted representative in the home buying process, but a great friend as well. Her dedication to us as clients and as friends truly shined as we ultimately purchased a house from a difficult seller. Kathleen stayed true, was never less than calm and professional, and kept our best interests in mind throughout – even though it meant stressful work for her. She is, without question, the best real estate agent we have ever had the good fortune to work with.”

Megan Hall

“Buying my first home was a little daunting, but with Kathleen’s help it turned out to be an easy process. I felt like she was always looking out for my best interest and cared about what would be best for my future. I would highly recommend working with Kathleen as she was very knowledgable about all of the options and the different areas to buy in the city. Kathleen is fact driven and extremely professional. She has limitless energy and gives her honest opinion. I truly feel that Kathleen was a perfect fit for me for this process and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Kacy Wolf

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Kathleen’s expertise and guidance through my entire buying experience. Kathleen literally made the entire home buying process positive. I will forever look back at it as a highlight in my life! I feel very blessed to have had Kathleen by my side throughout the past several months supporting and advising me in what at times seemed to be an overwhelming process. Kathleen seemed to make it all “easy” and explained all aspects of home buying and I felt confident in my decisions due to her guidance. The best part of all is that Kathleen took the time and energy to find me my PERFECT home- for this I will be forever grateful!”

Mike and Holly Flaherty

“My husband and I just purchased a home and sold our condo. Kathleen helped us do both! First of all, she found us a cute bungalow in the the area (Congress Park) that we were in love with. It was in our price range and had all of the amenities that we voiced to her. We are so happy in our new home and Kathleen worked really hard to get it for us. She also helped us sell our condo in just 2 days for asking price! Needless to say our experience with Kathleen was a VERY positive and happy one.”

Noelle Ford

“Kathleen Staker and the whole Banyan Team helped me find and purchase my first home. I was very impressed with Kathleen and how quickly she understood what I was looking for in a home. One of the very first homes she showed me was the one I ended up buying. It had all of the amenities and character that I was looking for. She hit the nail on the head!! If I ever had a question or concern she was readily available to answer my calls. She negotiated an amazing deal on the house and I will forever be grateful! I would definitely recommend using Kathleen and finding your dream home like I did!”

Cindy and Matt M.

“Kathleen Staker and the team at Banyan Real Estate made the purchase of our first home such a positive experience. Despite completing most of the transaction while living on the other side of the country, Kathleen tirelessly represented our interests and helped ensure that the details were in place for closing. We were so appreciative of the professionalism and responsiveness of Kathleen and the entire team. We had less than one month between signing the contract and closing, and we were amazed that so many details came together in such a short period of time. We have been whole-heartedly recommending Kathleen and Banyan to family and friends and will continue doing so. Thank you to the entire team for all your hardwork!”

Courtney Fagan

“We contacted Kathleen at the recommendation of two different couples who had rave reviews. From the very beginning she was friendly, funny, and straightforward. She took the time to sit down with us and help us identify exactly what we were looking for, where we wanted to live, and a timeframe that we were comfortable with. After getting to know us better, she had suggestions and recommendations for areas of town that she felt we would like but had overlooked. Buying and selling in the Denver market is a daunting task, however, Kathleen was patient, understanding, and positive. Towards the end of the process, I began to feel a bit frustrated that we wouldn’t find “the one” due to lack of inventory and the aggressive market, but Kathleen was always encouraging. One of the things we most appreciated about her was her honesty. There were a couple homes that we looked at that I would try to justify because I was tired of looking, and she would call me out! I loved that! She knew that I wouldn’t be happy living in the house or the neighborhood for whatever reason, and let me know. Her priority was never about making a sale, it was about finding us the perfect house and she took the time to get to know us so she could do that. When we did find the right one, Kathleen and the Banyan Real Estate team handled everything for us. They were very detailed in their communications letting us know what to expect and when, recommended vendors, provided contact numbers to change over utilities, etc. They had a response to everything and it couldn’t have gone any smoother. When the sellers of our new house became difficult, Kathleen went to bat for us and helped us navigate through the process to ensure that we were making an informed decision and one that we were comfortable with. Ultimately, Kathleen negotiated favorably on both the sale and purchase of our homes and we walked away from the experience really happy. We are sad that this experience is over because we don’t get to hang out with Kathleen anymore. In addition to being a dedicated professional, she’s also really fun! And, the team at Banyan is by far the most cohesive, experienced, and organized real estate advisors out there.”