Katherine & Yasser Dahab

Katherine and I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how fortunate we feel to have worked with Kathleen during our recent home purchase. Kathleen has been working with us since late last summer, and showed us what seemed like a hundred homes over that period. Through the entire process, she was remarkably patient and extremely attentive to what we were looking for. She regularly rearranged her schedule to fit into ours, and never once seemed to place us any less than her top priority.

We met Kathleen through a mutual friend, but what impressed us most were not the impressions or recommendations that were shared with us about her, but that she took the time to genuinely get to know the two of us. Instead of simply gleaning what we wanted in a house, Kathleen went the extra mile and became not only our most trusted representative in the home buying process, but a great friend as well. Her dedication to us as clients and as friends truly shined as we ultimately purchased a house from a difficult seller. Kathleen stayed true, was never less than calm and professional, and kept our best interests in mind throughout – even though it meant stressful work for her. She is, without question, the best real estate agent we have ever had the good fortune to work with.

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