Why a Buyer’s Agent? and Why Banyan Real Estate LLC?

Buying real estate can be incredibly challenging at many levels including: 1) during the process of purchasing  2) as a long term financial decision  3) as an impact to one’s quality of life.

At Banyan, we pride ourselves on being more than just real estate ‘brokers’ – we are Real Estate Advisors.

We are dedicated to taking the long view for our clients.

How do we do this?

1) We Listen.  We are dedicated to hearing what is truly important to our clients.  It seems so obvious and simple, but true listening is an incredible skill that we actively hone every day.   Often times we can hear what is important to our clients before they realize it for themselves.

2) We think ‘Smooth Purchase Transaction’.  At Banyan Real Estate we utilize a proprietary system call Advisor Pro™.   Advisor Pro™ is a systematic process that guides our clients through the Purchase of their new home.  Our support staff uses the Advisor Pro™ system to stay on top of all the dates and deadlines, so our clients can enjoy a worry-free experience.

3) We think ‘Investment’.  Through our extensive experience in real estate transactions we are able to help our clients understand the Pros/Cons of their purchase decision.  We also consider our ability to sell the home in the future and what would be required for our clients to maximize their investment.

4) We think ‘Quality of Life’.  Through initial interviews with our clients we use what we’ve heard to guide and advise our clients towards choices that meet their needs.  We accomplish this through our extensive experience with clients buying homes throughout the metro area.

So why a Buyer’s Agent?   By legal definition, the only way we can advocate for your best interest is through being your Buyer’s Agent.  As a firm, we are dedicated to advocating and advising our clients.  This makes Buyer Agency an obvious choice.  At Banyan, we are committed to Advising and Advocating on our client’s behalf!