Allan L. Pallarito, President, Photonic Technologies Inc

When in the market for real estate it is absolutely imperative to find the best in the business. You are looking for a well-established firm with a track record second to none, and a depth of personnel. Any real estate firm can achieve closure; the real question is the quality of the relationship along the path to that end. With Banyan Real Estate your search is over.

It is the working relationship with your listing agent, and their support staff along the way that makes all of the difference. As with many things in life, the ability to know that difference can sometimes only come from the perspective of having a lesser quality real estate experience! With Banyan it is all a matter of paying attention to the little details and to that end the staff of Banyan are second to none. With others in the past I had to pay attention to all of the minute details.

And than there is the subject of ethics and professionalism, that is sometimes lacking in the real estate business. In my most recent transaction with Banyan, the transaction was a complicated 1031 exchange that involved multiple properties. I really needed top-level professional expertise. Chris not only found me “a guy”, he literally found the guy that wrote the book, and that had provided input to the IRS about this kind of advanced exchange transaction.

In summary, I simply cannot wordsmith strong enough language that would convey to you the deep level of satisfaction I have experienced in my long history of working with the people at Banyan Real Estate.

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