Dan Strawn


I am a Colorado native.  I was born in Denver and raised in the surrounding suburbs.  I received a B.S. in Engineering from Colorado State University in 2007 and a M.S. in Engineering from the University of Denver in 2011.  My entry into real estate began with my first home purchase while working at Lockheed Martin. Over the next decade, I began to acquire more and more rentals across Denver. I developed a keen ability to turn starter homes into high end rental properties.  Throughout this time my passion for real estate has continued to grow, and I decided to expand beyond the rental market, to offering professional brokerage services by joining Banyan Real Estate LLC as a Broker Associate. 


My mission is to help provide value to my clients through my unique analytical approach to real estate. I deliver an ability to analyze a property from both a financial and engineering mindset, which allows me to create value for my clients in all their real estate transactions. I strive to help clients across the wide array of real estate; from finding a starter home, to investors developing a portfolio, and to clients looking for their forever home.

I currently reside in Denver with my wife and three kids. We truly enjoy this great city and remarkable state we are fortunate to call home.

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